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Summon Assistant

Think of Summon Assistant as a personal assistant that helps you with daily admin tasks. It also acts as a unified inbox for various notifications from different tools so you don't have to look through Slack and email message to figure out what needs your attention.
Currently the Assistant will send you the following messages:
  • Morning Message (at the start of day): it sends you a summary of merge requests that you need to review and those you're waiting on to be reviewed. You can easily remind your teammates to review those by clicking on the "Send reminder on Slack" button
Start of day message
  • Review submitted: you'll receive a message when a teammate submits a review on one of your merge requests.
New review submitted message
  • Review requested: you'll receive a message when a teammate asks you to review his merge request
Review requested message
  • New issue comment: when a teammate leaves a comment on one of your assigned issues. You can reply in-line or view the issue in the right detailed view
  • Task completed: when the Assistant detects that you completed the last open task, it can help you pick the next one from the backlog.
Pick next issue message

Managing messages and notifications

In the settings menu of the Assistant you can customize the messages and push notifications you want to receive. Click in the top right corner of the Assistant to access the settings menu.
Assistant settings menu